Aim The Best Security Sdn Bhd

Aim The Best Security Sdn Bhd Products

Super Scanner V

Super Wand


Magnetic Autocontrol

Electric Fence System

MiFARE Cards

UHF Cards

Magnetic Reader

310x ICLASS SE + Prox Card

350x SIO Technology-Enabled MIFARE + Prox Card

M16 AllroundDual

D16 DualDome

Autodome Junior HD PTZ Camera

Autodone 7000HD

CNC3310 ĘC 2MP IR Dome Camera

CNC3310-SL ĘC 2MP Starlight IR IP Dome Camera

SCD 2080 CCTV Camera

SCD 2080R CCTV Camera




Mifare Card


T32 Series

GE Caddx NX 108E Eight Zone LED Keypad

GE Caddx NX 116E Sixteen Zone LED Keypad

P200 & P260 (New)

PFace202 (New)