Tembikar Wei Khing Sdn Bhd

Tembikar Wei Khing Sdn Bhd Products

RW82849 Rect Container Open Top

RW0224 Rect. Container

0225/3 Multipurpose Rack W/Wheels

RW0328 Square Container W/Handle

9498H Rect Container W/Lid

2 IN 1 Cast Iron BBQ Grill Plate & Bowl

917 Sizzling Hot Plate

1000ml Jelly Wax

83054S Square Tupperware

9601 Round Container With Lid

9158S Square Container

0743 2 Tier Dish Drainer

9211T 7pcs Candy Set

9211W 7 In 1 Candy Set

89759 1.2Lit Rectangle Container

89760 2.6Lit Rectangle Container

89761 4Lit Rectangle Container

89762 5Lit Rectangle Container

0096 25cm Bowl W/Lid

9158L Square Container

83054L Square Container Plastic Container

0507/3 3 Tier Stackable Slim Shelf With Wheels

8508 Rectangle Plastic Broom

8505 Rectangle Plastic Broom

8507 Rectangle Plastic Broom

6808 Rectangle Plastic Broom

6809 Rectangle Plastic Broom

8819 Fan-shaped Black Soft Broom

8506 Rectangle Plastic Broom

9969 Fan-shape Soft Broom